$270 Million Worth Of Cocaine Found On Air France Flight

A picture taken on Saturday in Nanterre shows a part of the 1.3 tons of pure cocaine seized by French police.

With Parker having a quiet game for once, Nicolas Batum and Boris Diaw provided the scoring as France won its first major basketball title by beating Lithuania 80-66 on Sunday. It was a victory that ended a decade of frustration for Parker and a talented French generation, which lost the final against Spain two years ago and took bronze in 2005. “It’s been an unbelievable journey chasing this title,” Parker said. “I would change nothing.” The San Antonio Spurs guard led France to the under-18 world championship title in 2000, and said he made a promise back then that he would give the senior team its first international success as well. Thirteen years later, it’s mission accomplished. “I went to everyone’s room last night in the hotel and I told them that there was no way we were going to lose this game,” Parker said. France broke open a close game by finishing the third quarter with a 14-0 run that kept Lithuania scoreless for four minutes. The French lead grew to 22 points with three minutes remaining in the third and Lithuania never came close to a comeback. Batum had 17 points and Diaw added 15, while Linas Kleiza led Lithuania with 20. Parker finished with 12 points, after scoring just four through the first three quarters. But his scoring and leadership during the run to the final including 32 points against defending champion Spain in the semifinals earned him the tournament MVP award. “We had a perfect plan, the coach said they would double-team me and that I had to trust my teammates and not to worry if I don’t score much,” Parker said.

France expects U.N. Security Council to agree Syria resolution

Wages should rise once the job market has tightened. This is another reason for the wait-and-see attitude. Of course, pockets of the job market are under pressure for lack of skilled workers. But the overall picture is a depressed job market with a low level of participation and no signs of public efforts to increase the qualification of the labor force. b. France: Market forces are much less significant in France even though, for the first time in more than two decades, real wages are decelerating as a response to a rise in the unemployment rate. i. This pattern should continue, as France has tentatively reformed its labor market with the ANI (National Inter-professional Agreement) whose purpose is to revamp dismissal procedures, provide working-time flexibility (retention scheme) and encourage labor mobility. The lingering question is whether the nature of the industrial relations, which has historically been highly conflicted, can become more consensual? In addition, for the real wage to be more flexible and be more cycle-sensitive, the nature of working (fixed) contracts would also have to be changed. ii. Yet, most of the rebalancing between wages and profits goes through taxation/fiscal transfers. An easy way to do it would be through a lower corporate tax, which is close to the highest level in Europe. For understandable political reasons, this option in not in the cards. Among many other proposals, the National Pact for Growth, Competitiveness and Employment, lowers corporate taxation (tax credit), while the budget proposal for 2014 increases the VAT.

France And Reforms: A Comparison With The U.S.

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He added the resolution should also call for those behind the chemical attack to face justice. “We should take exactly what was foreseen in Geneva,” Fabius said. “On that basis we should come to an agreement.” Russia and the United States brokered the deal in Geneva in mid-September to avoid possible U.S. military strikes. Under the deal, Assad would account for his chemical weapons and see them destroyed by the middle of next year. The deal stipulated that “in the event of non-compliance, including unauthorized transfer, or any use of chemical weapons by anyone in Syria, the U.N. Security Council should impose measures under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter.” Envoys from the five big U.N. powers – the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China – have been meeting in New York to negotiate a draft resolution to place Syrian chemical weapons under international control. “Regarding the Russians, it would be difficult to understand that given they themselves proposed the ban on chemical weapons that there would not be an agreement to apply what they proposed,” Fabius said. French diplomats said the mention of an eventual recourse to further measures under Chapter 7 would be a minimum requirement. They said there was a chance the resolution could be voted during the U.N. General Assembly, but they aimed to negotiate as tough a resolution as possible which could delay a vote. “If there were a violation then it would be up to the Security Council to take its decisions, but under chapter 7,” Fabius said.


The colorful bags weren’t registered to any of the passengers on the plane. When French officials opened them up, they discovered why — 1.3 tons of pure cocaine were stuffed inside the anonymous bags. The street value of the stash? About 200 million euros, or $270 million. Coast Guard makes $20 million cocaine bust Huge drug bust off the coast of Florida Drug busts at sea: 4 tons of cocaine The catch was made on September 11, but French authorities didn’t publicize the find until Saturday. On Sunday, Venezuela’s Public Ministry said that authorities had detained three members of the National Guard in connection with the incident. It wasn’t immediately clear exactly what they are accused of doing. The suitcases came from Caracas aboard an Air France flight to Paris, but did not match any of the passengers on board, CNN affiliate BFMTV reported. “Several” people have been taken in custody, French Interior Minister Manuel Valls told reporters Saturday. Authorities worked with Spanish, British and Dutch police on the investigation, BFMTV said. This case “illustrates the importance of strengthening International cooperation in the fight against traffickers,” Valls said. Venezuelan authorities are also investigating. The Public Ministry said prosecutors will investigate, along with the Counterdrug Command of the National Guard in Simon Bolivar International Airport, to see if any criminal activity took place.