Food Trucks To Roll Into Lax, Continue Weekly At Long Beach Airport

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“The Senate will never pass such hateful, punitive legislation,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. For decades, Congress has combined farm programs withfoodstampsto garner urban votes for the rural measure. Butfoodstampshave complicated the process this year as House conservatives have called forcuts. The cost of thefoodstampprogram, now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, has more than doubled since the Great Recession deepened in 2008. More than 47 million Americans, or 1 in 7, are using the program. The Senate passed a bill including bothfoodstampsand farm programs in June. Later that month, the House defeated a farm bill that included both thefoodand farm programs after conservatives said itsfoodstampcuts around $2 billion a year weren’t high enough. GOP leaders then split the farm programs from thefoodstampsand passed a farm-only bill in July. Conservatives crafted thefoodstampbill, saying highercutswould be easier to pass in a stand-alone bill. Getting the three bills into a House-Senate conference could be tricky under House rules. Republicans said Thursday that one more step is needed the House will have to hold a procedural vote to allow both the farm andfoodstampbills to go to conference. It is unclear if Republicans who pushed to split the two bills will oppose that effort. Most of current farm law expires at the end of this month, but its effects won’t be felt until the end of the year when some dairy supports expire. Without those supports, milk prices are expected to rise. Other farm supports won’t expire until next year, but farmers have been frustrated with the drawn-out debate that has now lasted two years, saying they need more government certainty as they manage their farm operations.

“We used banks to measure the influence of retail investment because we could reasonably assume that they don’t cause adolescent obesity, but are related to investment patterns,” Bader says in the news release. “When we found that having more banks in a neighborhood predicted a lower likelihood of obesity, we were reasonably confident that this association showed the beneficial influence of neighborhood retail investment.” A Surprising Discovery But before they examined their sample for the relationship between banks and adolescent obesity, Bader and his colleagues analyzed their data to see if the density of fast food outlets had an impact on adolescent obesity. They discovered something so unexpected, even they found it surprisingthe same inverse relationship they found between banks and adolescent obesity existed between fast food outlets and adolescent obesity. In other words, the students with more fast food outlets in their neighborhoods were less likely to be obese. However, the results differed for boys and girls. A boy who had three fewer fast-food outlets in his neighborhood than an otherwise comparable boy was 12 percent more likely to be obese. For girls, this changed to a 9 percent higher chance of being obese than an otherwise similar girl, but instead of three fewer fast food outlets in the girl’s neighborhood, it was three fewer pizza places. Retail Environment = Complex Ecosystem “The location of fast food restaurants and banks were correlated, because they respond to similar economic conditions,” Bader said. “A neighborhood’s retail environment is a complex ecosystem, and we think that these findings show that is important to consider how the retail ecosystem might influence health.” Because of this complexity, Bader and his colleagues could not pinpoint exactly what factors created the more banks and fast food outlets/fewer obese teens relationship, but offered some hypotheses. “A larger retail presence might provide what [the late urban activist] Jane Jacobs termed ‘eyes on the street’ to prevent crime, a political lobby to support neighborhood services, and, of course, employment for local residents,” Bader says in the news release. The density of parks encouraging physical activities and the number of supermarkets may be a factor Other factors that were not accounted for in the study that could have impacted the students’ BMI data include the density of parks and other spaces that encourage physical activity in students’ neighborhoods or the number of supermarkets, which usually offer more healthful food options than do fast food outlets. “We will continue to investigate the complexity of the urban economic ecosystem, including how the density and diversity of food options in neighborhoods might influence obesity outcomes,” Bader says in the news release. “This paper provides a preliminary finding that we hope will encourage more research investigating how economic development might influence health.” You also may want to take a look at the abstract of the study, ” Lets Have Lunch! Teachers Eating with Their Students Provides Nutrition Education Opportunities .” ( Elsevier .) Much attention has focused on school meals, both in the United States and across the globe. Researchers at Uppsala University, Sweden, evaluated teachers eating lunch with the school children.

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“This is coming to a marketplace near you very soon,” he said. As if to juxtapose confectionary 3D printers, Holman is working on creating machines that can take freeze-dried food and hydrate it as it is being extruded through nozzles to create an eye-pleasing meal. Tech gets tasty The 3D food printing technology isn’t Intellectual Ventures’ first foray into food preparation. The lab was the proving ground for the best selling cookbook Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, which put a technologist’s spin on contemporary cooking. The lab used ultrahigh-pressure homogenizers, freeze-dryers, centrifuges, rotary evaporators, and ultrasonic baths to determine how food reacted at the molecular level to cooking. In a similar scientific fashion, Holman said, the lab could create printers with toner-type cartridges that hold pulverized freeze-dried foods. Water could be added to the food in the extruding process, along with miniscule amounts of healthy options, such as green vegetables, with more appetizing foods to make meals more nutritious. The printers would then extrude the foods in shapes and colors replicating the meals we typically eat todayfrom steaks to hot dogs to rice. Holman said his efforts are “at the dot-matrix stage,” as printing was in the early 1980s. “I can print out smoothies and Cliff Bars.” Many forms of confections could be produced through 3D printing. Eliminate waste Another important reason to turn to 3D printed foods is to address the wildly inefficient way that developed countries, especially the U.S., handle the food they produce.

The more fast-food eateries on your block, the less obese you're likely to be--if you're a female teenager?

(Colby Ware/special to The Baltimore Sun / July 29, 2012) Also By Hugo Martin September 22, 2013, 10:00 a.m. The food truck craze that has swept the nation will soon roll up to Los Angeles International Airport . No, airport security wont allow food trucks to pull to the curb of the terminal. Instead, an airport concession operator plans to install the shell of a food truck inside of Terminal 4. The fake truck will be outfitted inside with grills, pots, pans and other equipment to serve food. Starting Nov. 1, the food truck will be operated by food truck chefs based in Los Angeles, who will rotate in once a year or so. This is our way to help bring people with local talent to offer their food at the airport, said Rich Bennett, senior director of operations for HMSHost, a concession operator at Los Angeles International Airport. Meanwhile, Long Beach Airport is one of a handful of airports across the country that has allowed food trucks to park at its cellphone parking lots to dish out chow to drivers waiting to pick up friends and family members. The food truck program, called Truckn Tuesdays, was originally a summer event held the third Tuesday of each month. But it has become so popular that the airport plans to continue it indefinitely. Passengers, employees and those waiting in the area are enjoying it, said airport spokeswoman Kerry Gerot. ALSO: