Learning To Listen To Baroque Music

Music Midtown 2013 (SLIDESHOW)

Music Midtown 2013

In that piece, the soloists were one violinist and two recorder players. This next concerto grosso is by Archangelo Corelli he wrote several of them and is considered the master of this type of music. In this concerto grosso, the soloists are a string trio two violins and a cellist. One of the easiest ways to hear the soloists is to wait for the texture to change from full orchestra to a smaller group of players. When we’re talking about those two groups (the orchestra and the soloists), they have names. We call the orchestra the ‘ripieno,’ and the soloists are called the ‘concertino.’ You can hear them go back and forth in this piece, the second concerto grosso by Arcangelo Corelli. That’s an example of a ‘concerto grosso’ a type of music popular and ubiquitous in the Baroque era. Another feature common to the Baroque era is called ‘ornamentation’. It was a way to decorate the music, and it was often improvised by the players. Things like trills and mordants, most of which sound like little flutters. Listen for the fluttering in this next piece by Jean Philippe Rameau: Here’s one more example of how highly ornamented the music was, and we’ll listen to an example of a harpsichord piece on piano for this next one: Other big differences in the Baroque era include the use of period instruments . Vocal technique was a lot different too.

Music Review: Weak Songs Mar Elton John’s Album

But while they had energy, humor and good songs in abundance, “Board” is dull. The 15 cuts suggest Elton and producer T Bone Burnett weren’t fully committed to the trio concept. Bass and drums remain subdued throughout, and several songs are dressed up with strings and backup singers. Meanwhile, John plays polite piano in starchy renditions of generic ballads. There’s no “Bad Side of the Moon” here. Longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics, which read as if he mailed them in. “I went to Paris once, I thought I had a plan, I woke up with an accent, I wound up in quicksand,” goes the chorus to “My Quicksand,” which does create a sinking feeling. The hourlong album is heavily back loaded, and the final three cuts are the best. “Mexican Vacation (Kids in the Candlelight)” swings with a gospel feel, and the inventive instrumental, “Dream #3,” offers more surprises than anything else in the set. On the autobiographical closing title cut, Sir Elton is supported by warm horns and is convincing as a cabaret singer. It’s a better role for him than trying to reclaim his youth. Join the Discussion You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Please click here to upgrade your browser in order to comment.

The sold-out event kicked off Friday Sept. 20 — a comfortable fall night that featured a beautiful big moon over alternative rock gods Janeas Addiction, who showed theyave still got it. Rock faves Journey closed things out. Slideshow of the crowd on right. Journey slideshow here . Other acts on Friday were Cake, North Mississippi Allstars, Drivin N Cryin, 2 Chainz, The Mowglias and Phoenix. Then the skies opened up Saturday, turning Piedmont Park soggy and muddy. Still, the crowds seemed as large as any year. After grinning and bearing it for several hours, the rain stopped in time for Red Hot Chili Peppers to end the event. Saturday acts included The Neighbourhood, Weezer, Arctic Monkeys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Reignwolf, The Black Lips, Imagine Dragon, Queens of the Stone Age, Mona, Capital Cities, ZZ Ward, Tegan and Sara and Kendrick Lamar. aWe are thrilled as in the previous three years we have exceeded expectations for sales,a said Peter Conlon of Live Nation, which puts on the popular fest. aOur vision for Music Midtown always evolves, and we continuously strive to create the best music experience for our guests. This sell out lets us know that rain or shine Music Midtown is Atlantaas festival.a

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