London Fletcher And Washington Redskins’ Veterans Deserve Better Than This

Remember the old Han Solo line from Star Wars? Never tell me the odds, kid. Well, Fletcher isnt a kid. Hes 38, his impact finally slowing. Against Green Bay in Week 2, he finished with two tackles. Against Detroit on Sunday, Perry Riley Jr. and Nick Barnett gave him an occasional breather. This is it for him. Thats what upsets me when we lose: the feeling of letting guys like Fletch down, Ryan Kerrigan said, adding he feels the same about all the defensive coaches. Thats what pains me when we lose. Its not just Fletcher, who obviously can do more himself. Its every survivor past 30 years old who has seen the worst of it here. Sometimes, when the same faces pass through the locker room year after year, people are rooted for more than teams. Fletcher, Santana Moss , Reed Doughty and Kedric Golston have 32 NFL seasons in Washington among them. They have played for three head coaches, two general managers and six coordinators. They have watched people much less committed with much smaller motors than themselves Albert Haynesworth, Brandon Lloyd and Adam Archuleta immediately come to mind be paid much more and do little to justify their millions. Before last seasons 7-0 run to win the NFC East, they were a part of teams that went 5-11, 6-10 and 4-12 in consecutive years. They have started 6-2 only to finish 2-6.

A Royal Weekend in London

The Orangery is thought to have been built to be used as a greenhouse and a place for summer entertaining (Photograph by UGArdener, Flickr)

Originally built as a country house for William III and Mary II, Kensington has everything a kid needs: gardens to explore and a host of gossipy tales about the powerful royals that ruled from there. We played with toys that kept Queen Victorias children amused,saw the fascinating new exhibit on regal fashion, and learned how a sheltered young girl named Victoria became queen at age 18. Tip: A great guide is worth her weight in gold. Clare from Context Travel had my daughter hanging on every word with her juicy stories about royal life at Kensington. The palace itself is fascinating, but touring it is a different experience with someone who can bring itshistory to life. The Horsey Set My favorite attraction in London is also one of the least visited (even though its right next to Buckingham Palace ): the Royal Mews .Otherwise known as the royal stables,this relatively undiscovered gem is also at the top of my list for anyone with kids in tow. Even young children may remember watching Kate and Wills wedding. Here, they can see the carriage that transported the soon-to-be duchess on her big day. Its rare for the public to access areas still so closely tied to palace functions (the carriages are used around 50 times a year), and the gorgeous horses bring delight to people of all ages. Tip: The guided audio tour has a kids version, narrated by a fictional stable-boy-in-training, that is well executed and worth using. The Logistics London can seem unmanageable without the proper planning. Chief amongst my concerns, always, is where to stay: somewhere central but quiet, and somewhere that has staff skilled at handling younger guests.