On Celebrity’s ‘top Chef’ Cruise, Food And Fun Are On The Menu

Maybe this friendship really isn’t so bad. Ladies’ Division: Serena Williams & Kelly Rowland Source: ConcreteLoop.com …Or maybe Serena Williams just enjoys having famous friends. You can never have too many celebs in the stands pulling for you when you’re fighting for yet another grand slam title. And plus, Kelly Rowland is a far cooler friend to have than Kim Kardashian. The former Destiny’s Child member recently scored a gig as a judge on The X-Factor, and additionally, anyone who has performed at a Super Bowl halftime show is good enough for Serena. Serena’s friendship with the pop star is well-documented: There are photos of Kelly helping Serena hobble along on crutches. There are videos of Serena gushing about her love for her BFF. Kelly even narrated a recent ESPN package about Serena. How cute. Ladies’ Division (Kind Of): Roger Federer & Anna Wintour Source: New York Daily News Who says you can’t have a bromance with a lady? Roger Federer says. And Roger Federer can do whatever he wants. The Swiss tennis pro recently surfaced alongside infamous Vogue editor Anna Wintour at a party in New York Cityand you know Wintour must love Roger a whole lot because she even took off her sunglasses to be photographed with him. Wintour has also been spotted courtside at Federer’s matches, where she divulged that her buddy doesn’t think much of her fashion advice. She said of his playing wardrobe (via Yahoo!


Look, no one back home will believe you if you dont have a picture! Fearing that her pushing might get physical, I tell her that Im on this cruise as a journalist, that Ive met Blais a few times and that Im more interested in hearing why shes here than in acting on any fanboy tendencies of my own. Finally, she relents. But Roses vehemence makes it clear how intensely she feels about Blais and the show. And its reactions like hers that explain why Top Chef: The Cruise drew a sold-out crowd for its voyage from Miami to Cozumel and back in the spring. Rose and her fellow fans jumped at the chance to get up close and personal with some of their favorite reality-show stars or at least as up close and personal as you can get when 2,000 people are trying to do the same thing. It makes a lot of sense: Cruise ships are fishbowls anyway, floating hotels that devotees love and critics hate for some of the same reasons. (Pro: You dont have to leave the boat! Con: You cant leave the boat!) So you may as well bide your time with others who share at least one of your interests. Standing in line for dinner or a safety drill or a shore excursion, all you have to do to strike up a conversation is ask, Which season was your favorite? I was all about Seasons 7, 8 and 9, Rose says when I ask her. Season 10? Well, not so much. It turns out that Rose and her husband are not very into cruises, she confesses. But as soon as we saw it on TV, I bought it right away. I didnt even hesitate. And therein lies the other marketing genius of themed cruises: They draw people who are more into the theme than into cruising, getting people onto the boat who otherwise would never be there.

Celebrity Fashion Sparks Rising Demand For Custom-Made Jewelry

However, the company has had some intricate designs and pieces take a month to complete, due to the complex nature of the work. One such complex method is a micro pave setting, where diamonds are placed so closely together they are actually “kissing each other.” Avianne & Co. has two talented micro pave setters in-house to complete micro pave settings. This method is often used on the curve of a cuban link chain similar to one that Birdman recently purchased. Jewelry designing is an art form and many people and celebrities take pride in their pieces. “We have seen cases where even the toughest chains and bracelets become damaged by people being overly active with their jewelry,” said Aranbayev. “We are always a bit sad to see such works of art damaged by careless activity.” Much goes into a custom-designed piece, including the wearer’s personality. Recently, Avianne & Co. designed a piece for rapper Lil Wayne that was a skateboard pendant with moveable parts. “If you can dream it, then we can make it a reality,” continued Aranbayev. Avianne & Co. has a complete site dedicated to helping you create your own custom-designed piece. Options range from uploading your drawn design to searching other pieces for inspiration.