The 10 Most Cringe-worthy Celebrity Award Show Wipeouts

Source: Celebrity sex tapes bankrolling porn industry

20. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Lea Michele left the Meche Salon after getting her hair done in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Sept. 19. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Eva Mendes returned to her hotel after a morning out in New York City on Sept. 19. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake posed together at the world premiere of Twentieth Century Fox and New Regency’s film “Runner Runner” at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on Sept. 18 in Las Vegas, Nev. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Blake Lively attended Milan Fashion Week in Milan, Italy on Sept. 18. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 George Clooney was spotted on set of “Tomorrowland” on Sept. 18 in Vancouver, Canada. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Jay Z, casually dressed in a dark sweater and jeans, headed into an office building in New York City on Sept.

10. Tom Bergeron drops Heidi Klum, resulting in this big bruise , at the 2008 Emmys. 9. Joe Jonas falls at the 2007 American Music Awards and cuts his hand on a piece of broken glass. 8. Shania Twain falls down at the CMT Awards 2011. 7. Jennifer Garner trips over her gown at the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscars Party. 6. Bret Michaels gets knocked out by the giant Broadway sign at the 2009 Tonys. 5. Jennifer Lopez falls on her bum at the 2009 American Music Awards. 4.


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In fact, one adult industry insider tells FOX411 that the celebrity sex tape is basically keeping adult entertainment companies, including industry leader Vivid, afloat. The source maintains that savvy women like Farrah Abraham, Myla Sinanaji, and Sydney Leathers are giving their 15 minutes of fame to adult companies to make professional pornos for big paydays, and the porn companies are scrambling to find more trashy stars like them to boost their bottom lines. Vivid only makes money from celeb tapes.A porn video generates no income.Celebrity tapes sell, the source told FOX411. They are finding women celebrities to make sex tapes.It was not a romantic relationship that Farrah had with James Deen.It was set up.(Reality star) Tila Tequila was staged with lighting with her girlfriends in Las Vegas. The founder and co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, Steven Hirsch, acknowledged the landscape of the porn industry has changed, and that D-list celebs now mean big money. I think that were dealing with several issues.The one that most people talk about is the amount of free content on the Internet and how to deal with that.What weve chosen to do is work with free sites.One of the things that we did decide to do is work with celebrity sex tapes, he said. What we did is we leased a celebrity sex tape with Farrah Abraham and we took a five minute clip and put it onto one of the three sites.And as a result of that, they had 12 million views of that five-minute clip within the first 10 days.We surrounded that clip with links back to, and then those people came to to watch the movie, which equated to $500,000 in sales. But Hirsch would not go so far as to say Vivid relies on celebrity sex tape income to stay afloat. The one thing about celebrity sex tapes is they dont fall into any sort of schedule. Sometimes its two or three in a row and then not any for a year.So it depends if were able to find some or not, he said. This year weve been lucky with Farrah and Sydney.Ultimately they are not a huge part of our business, but its what helps to drive our brand, and gets the name out there, and drives traffic to all of the Vivid properties. He does, however, acknowledge pursuing young women in the news.Absolutely.Yes, yes, yes.Were very proactive, Hirsch said. If we see something in the news we try to contact them or make them some sort of public offer. Our sources say this pursuit is a huge change in how the industry works. Where companies like Vivid once waited for a homemade sex tape to be leaked to them a la Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lees tape in1995 nowadays, the company prefersto make them happen themselves. Sydney Leathers, New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiners former sexting partner, was lured by the money and fame that a celebrity sex tape brings.In an early interview with FOX411, she said she had rejected an offer to make a sex tape with Vivid. But less than a week later, the 23-year-old did indeed shoot a porno with a porn pro for Vivid, for a large, undisclosed sum of money. According to Leathers, her change of heart happened because: Everyone already thought I did it, so why not? Jasmine Waltz is a model and actress whohas appeared in the films “Demon” and “Poker Run.” Waltz made a private sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, and told a tale of how Vivid not only wanted her to sign off on her personal tape, but make another one under the companys direction. It was something that was made already (with her ex-boyfriend).